St Brendan's Sixth Form College

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St Brendan's Sixth Form College
Broomhill Road, Brislington
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Signs Now have been providing signs to St Brendan's Sixth Form College in Brislington, Bristol for a number of years. St Brendan's is a Catholic Sixth Form College that provides learning to sixth form students (principally aged 16-19 years) of all abilities. It is a diverse community with staff and students from a variety of backgrounds and religious traditions. All are equally welcomed and valued.

Initially working with an external design company to provide signs, we now work directly for the college developing signage projects around their campus. With each requirement we visit the college, survey the sites and discuss the best ways of achieving their ideas.

Signs Now has worked closely with the college for a number of years and we have been very pleased with some of the signage that we have installed for the college, which include monoliths, post and panel signs, individual letters, self-adhesive vinyl graphics, external wall signs and interior signs.

Our first commission was to provide large freestanding main signs on their entrance and the boundary of their site which bordered a large main road. Working with the designers of the college we developed large bespoke monolith type signs, one being a curved tall 5m tall sail shape structure to mimic their logo, which was a challenge. Between this and another small monolith was a tensioned suspended banner which was used for advertising events. We also produced other smaller monoliths and rolled stainless steel logos, which were fixed to walls either side of their entrance.